The attainments needed to generate “electric qi”

January 19, 2022 TaoistAlchemy

The attainments needed to generate “electric qi”

There has been much talk today about the ability to transmit the “electric qi” and the methods that one goes about achieving this. Though it is a mystery to many in fact the electric qi is a result of very precise internal attainments. The quest to attain “electric qi” was one of many in my path and I have travelled far and wide to meet masters that could demonstrate this ability. The strongest “electric qi” I felt was from Master Luo Kangqi. Let’s breakdown in the post the attainments needed to generate this energy.

1. Large amounts of Qi stored in one’s Real Lower Dantian.

One should be able to store large amounts of qi in the Real Lower Dantian. One should have a method to activate the Real Lower Dantian and to absorb large quantities of qi over time. This often feels like heat and vibration in the belly.

2. The Fusion of Yin and Yang qi.

This is the first major attainment that starts to cause the electrical effect. However this in fact is also an inner alchemy attainment which produces the elixir in the lower dantian. After Yin and Yang qi merge one may also start to combine water and fire.

3. The “Inner Thunder”.

This is a spiritual attainment which not only merges the shen and qi together but also starts to merge Heaven and Earth between the upper dantian and lower dantian. This causes a spark in one’s Real Lower Dantian and one can say that one has ignited the Dantian. From this point on there is no ‘guiding’ of the qi slowly from the Dantian to the Palms. A slight thought of the fingertips starts to generate the qi. The Inner Thunder is also the gateway to higher attainments in Taoism and raises the spirit to a new level. There are many levels of Inner Thunder development.

4. Attainment of “Zhen qi”.

This in fact is a special qi that truly starts to generate the current. It is attained through very specific methods and increases one power level dramatically. One will find it much easier to progress in Neigong and Inner Alchemy if one has a lot of Zhen qi.


These attainments are in fact covered in the first four levels of my Taoist Alchemy and Neigong program. When we attain large amounts of the electric qi, we have true power in our lower dantian. This power accelerates our spiritual development when we train high level systems in Taoism and makes it much easier to attain high levels of attainment. The more power you have in your lower dantian the more “fuel” you have to attain Heaven and then attain Dao.



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