Spiritual journeys in Thailand

December 29, 2021 TaoistAlchemy

Spiritual journeys in Thailand

Learning high level practices.

So here I am in Chachoengsao writing to you after finishing my morning meditation.

Chachoengsao is an ancient spiritual center known for its ancient Buddhist temples. Many come to practice Buddhism in the temple here to absorb the divine spiritual energy. Compared to NYC, meditating in Chachoengsao is on a whole other level and does wonders for your body energy and spirit.

How can you feel the  enlightenment  and power  of ancient Buddhism right where you are? I am on my way to Bangkok to see with a Chinese master who is known for his abilities to manifest electric qi as well as the abilities of telekenesis. I have already been initiated in one of the main practices of the lineage. This specific  practice creates “zhen qi” in the lower dantian and is used to manifest an electric current as well as Buddhist enlightenment. This was a secret of the Shaolin temple. High level masters would train and study this practice for a lifetime to master enlightenment, healing and martial abilities.

Thats all for now, I am going to explore more spiritual sites in Chachoengsao and immerse myself in the culture here. Here are some more pictures of the temple here. A Buddhist monk was doing a small ceremony when I arrived.

See you soon,



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