Taoist Alchemy Program:

Level 1 – Filling the Dantian

Level 2 – Combining Yin and Yang and creating the elixir

Level 3 – Awakening the Inner Thunder

Level 4- Advanced Neigong Course – Zhen qi

This course deals with the generation of Zhen qi and is the basis for true dantian development.

High Level System Program:

Attainment of a martial system that expresses an electrical current.

Attainment of a Martial palm

Attainment of one of the Eighteen Celestial Methods

Attainment of Spiritual Immortality (Yangshen)

Attainment of Celestial Immortality

Attainment of a Heavenly Guardian (Ex White Tiger, Golden Dragon, Vermillion Bird etc)

Attainment of the Dao

Special if accepted:

Attainment of Celestial Lord

Attainment of the Celestial Dao


Cultivation School:

Important; Cultivation is not using the breathing, movement or the mind, nor is it meditation. Once one knows how to cultivate one is known as a Cultivator.

See taoistcultivator.com




We provide online and in person training and consultations to all our students.

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