Receiving the empowerment from Master Luo Kangqi.

January 8, 2022 TaoistAlchemy

Receiving the empowerment from Master Luo Kangqi.

During one of my sessions with the Master he looked at me seriously and began to stare at my lower dantian. Suddenly he lifted his index and middle finger and touched my qihai point right below my navel. His electrical qi was injected right into my lower belly and I gasped at the power. He then began writing mystical Taoist mantras on my lower belly. I am not sure if it was a talisman or a mantra. I was shocked to receive such a high level empowerment. At the end I felt the electrical current seal in my lower dantian. He smiled and told me to come back next time. I sat in his living room and he offered me more jasmine tea. All I could think was gratitude to the Master. As I left I still felt the electrical qi pulsating from my lower dantian. This was nothing like I ever experienced before.


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