My second visit with Master Luo Kangqi

January 8, 2022 TaoistAlchemy

My second visit with Master Luo Kangqi

My second visit with Master Luo Kangqi:

This time the chi was much stronger. He empowered my various points including the top of my head. When he touches you the qi is not only electrical but painful. At the end of the session he told me my lower dantian was in good shape and I should continue practicing. I have never felt anything this powerful in my life. When he ‘injects’ his qi inside the body your muscles will spasm uncontrollably. He  is also able to control the level of power. When he increased the level of power the pain was almost unbearable. The qi is more than electrical. I was as shocked the 2nd time as I was during my first visit. Looking forward to the next time.


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