My Cultivation Story: Cultivating mind spirit qi

August 11, 2022 contactdesigners

My Cultivation Story: Cultivating mind spirit qi

I had just been reading a story of cultivators who cultivate mind spirit qi. I was inspired to try and find a way to learn how to do it. Already I was able to absorb spirit qi through the breathing. How could I cultivate the mind spiritual qi. I knew of my Dao Mind emptiness method which is able to place the mind in emptiness in an instant. I also already knew how to fuse my mind with Guang Ming. But how to just cultivate mind spirit qi. I was determined to figure it out.

I went outside and did my Dao mind emptiness method to start. Then I realized I could create a mind ‘vortex’ so to speak and simply absorb the spirit qi in nature into my mind while holding the mind ‘vortex.’ Then I realized I was making it much harder than it was. I simply I had to draw the spirit qi into my head and then fuse it with my mind (not thoughts, I was already well versed in using my mind through the Dao emptiness method).

I felt the my qi much stronger and felt what was called inner force. I was determined to cultivate mind energy everyday!


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