This level 5 course deals with very advanced cultivation techniques from Haotian  Celestial Cultivation. From this point on one leaves cultivating with the breathing and instead one cultivates with the spirit  and shen and energy directly. When one does not use the breathing, this is called cultivation as distinct from Qigong and Neigong. Haotian is the Heavenly God of Taoism and the breath of qi that flows through all things. Through Haotian Taoism one learns to connect to Haotian and absorb Haotian Qi and radiate the Light of Haotian.When practicing celestial cultivation one can step from mortal to immortal and from immortal to deity level and beyond. In cultivation one comprehends Dao and the forces of Heaven and Earth. One not only is able to understand these forces but one is able to control and manipulate the forces of the Dao. In this course one learns to move external energy and learns how to project celestial qi.


One can read more about cultivation here in my book.

Haotian Daoism and Heavenly Cultivation

How to build Celestial Qi and Dao Qi.

This not only builds celestial energy but accomplishes all the levels of neigong.

Haotian meditation

Students are initiated into Haotian. A special cultivation system is taught as well as special Haotian movements.

Haotian cultivation – Entering the basic level

Awakening of the Qihai and Mingmen (Xueshan) acupoint. Students learn to move the qi of heaven and earth outside themselves as well.

How to move external energy –

In cultivation we are able to move external qi of the environment, the world and the Dao and not just our own internal energy.

Qi building

Students learn not only how to move heaven and earth qi but also how to build it inside.

Haotian Ling Li Cultivation and Meditation

Students learn how to build Ling Li – Spirit Energy

Guang Ming Force

Dao Force

Heavenly Dao Force

Celestial Force

Celestial Cultivation

Students learn celestial cultivation and how to awaken their primordial spirit.

Activating and Projecting Celestial Qi.

Students learn how to project their Ling Li in a celestial way.




The registration tuition for the course is 1000 USD. To learn cultivation please use the contact page.


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