In this level 4 course we will finally step away from Yin and Yang qi to higher level energies such as Dao qi and Celestial qi. The course marks the foundation for beginning immortal cultivation. In this course one will learn celestial cultivation and Dao cultivation. In this course all the levels of neigong are completed and levels of immortal cultivation begin.

Celserial cultivation is any cultivation that absorbs celestial qi and cultivates the primordial spirit. Celestial qi is distinct from the qi of the five elements and yin and yang. Celestial qi is the qi of heaven. In Taoism, there are 36 heavens connected to this world starting with the immortal realm Penglai. This represents the immortal level. However beyond these heavens there are heavens that are outside this world entirely. These heavens start with Jiu Tian, or Nine Heavens. These heavens represent the celestial level. When you cultivate qi of the Nine Heavens you are practicing celestial cultivation.

In Dao cultivation one absorbs the qi of the Dao directly. To reach heaven one must use celestial qi. To reach Dao one must use Dao qi. In Dao cultivation there are many stages. Those who have attained the previous levels in the Taoist alchemy and neigong course will have reached the equal to the xiantian stage in cultivation where primordial qi circulates in the Dantian. From this point the qi forms a golden core and then one moves on to nascent soul. After nascent soul one undergoes an immortal transformation and steps towards the heavenly realm.

Practices learnt:

Dao qi meditation and cultivation

Dao force meditation and cultivation

Celestial qi meditation and cultivation

Celestial Force meditation and cultivation.

Dao system

Celestial Dao system

Tuition fee: 1000 usd.


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