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Bring a Lifetime of Constant Healing, Empowerment and uplift all dimensions of your Life to their highest potential 

 Enlightenment does not have to take decades

Enlightenment, or the science of uniting with God, will never be achieved without the right methods. Enlightenment is rarely achieved because people simply do not have the right practices. Once one has the right method, enlightenment can be achieved within six months to a year. The methods taught in the Paramatma Vishnu Yoga program are authentic and high level.


Your soul can be fulfilled by merging into Lord Vishnu

Enlightenment in Hinduism takes place when one merges into Lord Vishnu and Lord Vishnu merges into you. This sacredness, once attained, can never be lost. You will carry this divine power throughout your lifetime. You will always tangibly feel a oneness between you and the Divine.

High Level Meditation is the key to Spiritual Enlightenment

Regular meditation such as sitting in stillness or following the breath can never accomplish the complex spiritual process needed for the enlightenment realization to take place. Once must practice an authentic, time tested, high level meditation that connects to cosmic energy, awakens all the energy channels in the body, and fuses the internal energy centers with the Brahman.

Awareness of the Divine in every action.

Paramatma Vishnu Yoga helps you to perceive that Divine Reality present within your soul. Once you tangibly feel you are made of the Divine, you will start to express a greater love, joy and connection with life itself. The Divine will interpenetrate all aspects of your life. You will awaken to Prema, Love Satya, Truth and Ananda, Bliss.

Fall in Love with your life and fall win love with the Divine

When practicing Paramatma Vishnu Yoga you are constantly contacting the space of Pure Consciousness and pure freedom. This divine space starts to penetrate your mind and emotions. Suddenly the dark veil you use to view life is lifted and you perceive the Light that has always been there. Regain your connection to the Light and healing that you know exists deep within.

Restore your Health and mental well-being

Paramatma Vishnu Yoga is a complete healing system that uses the divine intelligence to heal all aspects of your body and mind. As your physical processes become regulated by the divine, your natural capacity for healing develops. All sorts of physical and mental ailments can be overcome by practicing Paramatma Vishnu Yoga.

How your Life will be transformed…

  • Awakening to spiritual attainments that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.
  • ​Awakening and development of your kundalini energy.
  • Become your own source of Enlightenment, healing and personal power.
  • ​Attain the highest state of enlightenment, Turiyatita, the state where the Divine is fused inside you permanently.
  • Awakens all your energy channels.
  • ​Removes all your physical, mental and spiritual blockages.
  • ​Fills your body with Divine Energy.
  • ​​Empowers you with tremendous healing power.
  • ​​Connects your soul to the Source.
  • ​Let the Divine meditate you and free you from all karmic obstructions.
  • ​ Completely heal your body, mind and spirit of all diseases and impurities.
  •  Supercharge your energy level by daily infusing yourself with Divine Light.
  • ​ Awaken instantaneously to the Divine Energy that is your very Soul.
  • ​ Practice a meditation that is authentic and scientifically designed to bring you unlimited realizations of  cosmic oneness.
  • ​ Bypass long, arduous, and unnecessary hours to control your mind.
  • ​ Awaken to Divine Bliss and your true Nature as Sat-Chit-Ananda, Existence-Consciousness-Bliss.
  • ​ Allow yourself to access an unlimited reservoir of Divine Energy.
  • Awaken the ability to empower others with divine light.
  • and much more…

Paramatma Vishnu Yoga is designed to fuse the Divine inside you permanently, bestowing the spiritual attainment of God-Realization, the state of eternal oneness with the Divine.

In Paramatma Vishnu Yoga there is no need to strive to control the mind or to endlessly repeat mantras.

A secret breath method is used to trigger the divine to conduct the entire process for you while you simply relax.

In Paramatma Vishnu Yoga you will directly connect with the Divine.


Level 1 – Paramatma Prana Kriya and Paramatma Dhyana Kriya

Level one unlocks the energy of the Paramatma inside you

Level 2 – Jagat Swaroopa Vishnu Kriya.

This Kriya brings the divine energy of Lord Vishnu inside your soul. One’s soul also fuses with the universal soul.

Level 3 – Vasudeva Jyoti Kriya

This Kriya unlocks the light of the indwelling God inside you.

Level 4 – Narayana Kriya

This Kriya allows you to merge with the Formless Form of Sri Narayana

Level 5 – Vishnu Vibhuti Kriya(Materialization Kriya)

This brings the divine light of Lord Vishnu inside oneself and one builds the energy of vibhuti – sacred ash. It is in this Kriya that one brings the Divine Consciousness down into physical plane.

All levels are taught and practiced at once. After practicing all levels for at least 6 months one will attain the feet of Lord Narayana and become established in Vaikunta.

Advanced Paramatma Vishnu Yoga

Students that have practiced Paramatama Vishnu Yoga for at least 3 months can graduate to the advanced version of the Yoga.

A highlight of the Advanced Paramatma Vishnu Yoga is that we leave behind the breath as a vehicle to reach the divine and instead we use the spirit as a means to contact the divine. The spirit is a subtle substance of our awareness that we can use to intake Prana and spiritual energy. We learn how to use our spirit to contact our soul and establish the connection between the soul and Lord Vishnu. As we reach Vishnu using our spirit we bridge the connection between our Atma and Paramatma. Regular practice of the Advanced Paramatma Vishnu Yoga leads to samadhi and Darshan, revealing the true form of vishnu as the super soul (Paramatma). Nirvilkapla samadhi is reached as the mental impressions and latent karmic Samskaras become dissolved. The elements of the body are purified and the vibration of our chakras are raised as we contact the superconscious state of samadhi. In the last level the crown chakra is awakened and the merging of Atma and Paramatma takes place.

Level 1 – Chakra Dhyana Kriya

This level purifies our chakras and awakens the tattvas and elements in the body.

Level 2 – Pranashakti Vishnu Kriya

In this level the Prana of Lord Vishnu is built and the connection to the soul is established.

Level 3 – Atma Vishnu Kriya

In this level we use the spirit to contact vishnu and the soul and samadhi begins.

Level 4 – Divya Deha Kriya

In this level the vibration of our chakras raises leading to the divine body state.

Level 5 – Atma Paramatma Kriya

In this level the Paramatma is realized from the descent from the crown chakra to the Heart




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