Students who have graduated from the Taoist alchemy program are eligible to apply for the Cultivation School.

The main aim of the Taoist alchemy program school is to attain spiritual immortality and inner power and heavenly attainments.
Once these are attained one can progress to the state of cultivation.
Cultivation is being able to intake energy at great levels without using the mind, breathing, movement or postures. Cultivation was said to exist only in heavenly dimensions. When one learns to cultivate one becomes a cultivator and begins to master the heaven and earth and master the Dao. One is able to cultivate any energy one wishes and can cultivate the Dao directly without the need of a system. When one is a cultivator one is higher than a neigong or qigong practitioner who only works with energy indirectly through movements, breathing or the mind. When one cultivates one begins to master and transcend their destiny. One begins to master  one’s immortality and one begins to be able to breakthrough any obstacle including death. Learning how to breakthrough is actually an important aspect of cultivation. One’s energetic power greatly increases one’s one reaches the No-Doubt level and can influence nature and the universe instantaneously. One learns how to transcend the laws of heaven and earth and becomes both a weapon and a healing force for oneself and the world. Cultivation opens dangerous possibilities so it is only taught to a chosen few. For example, if one is only a neigong or qigong practitioner one’s martial attack can only reach the physical and energetic level. When one is a cultivator one’s martial attack is too dangerous to describe openly. To learn to cultivate is not an easy task. Actually one is technically not supposed to teach someone ‘how’ to cultivate. In the past only those born with the skill of cultivation were called cultivators. However I have systemized a method that can lead people through the door of cultivation. Once one is cultivator one can directly control the qi of heaven and earth and use the qi based on one’s perception. One begins to use higher energies rather than qi such as the Dao, Celestial Dao, Power of the Human Realm, Guang Ming, ling li and more energies that should not be written about.  One can directly use the Dao energy martially. One may choose to do celestial cultivation, Dao cultivation, ghost cultivation, demon cultivation or many other cultivations. There are many options for a cultivator. It is up to one’s skill, talent and what one hopes to accomplish.
In the Cultivation School there are five main levels of cultivation:
1. Basic
2. Perception
3. No doubt
4. See through
5. Knowing destiny

Basic – one is able to cultivate the energy of heaven and earth and perceive it  clearly

perception – one is able to perceive all the different energies within heaven and earth and beyond and one can cultivate each one through ones perception. In addition one can use one’s perception for martial and healing purposes.


No doubt – One’s level in cultivation reaches a point where one can do things with energy that are not normally possible. Ones level of inner power is greatly increases.


See through – all that can be said about this is one operates in a different paradigm.


Knowing  Destiny – this can only be told orally to those at the see through  level.

levels after this will be told only to select students.

In the Cultivation School. one also learns Guang Ming (the Light).




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