Cultivation is the ability to absorb the primordial Qi of Heaven and Earth directly without the use of breathing, movements, mantras, visualization, meditation or mental intent. In the time of the Ancient Dao, one who could cultivate was known as a “Cultivator”. If one could sense and absorb the nascent qi of Heaven and Earth one was called a cultivator.
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Selections from the book Haotian Daoism and Heavenly Cultivation: 


Haotian is the Heavenly God and the breath of nascent qi that flows through nature. His Guang Ming (bright light) is the source of that nascent qi. In certain traditions of ancient heavenly Daoism it was said the cultivation was Haotian’s gift to humanity.  This book is of heavenly Daoism as cultivation is directly related to Haotian. As soon as you enter into cultivation Haotian will be relevant and a new reality for you. When you become a cultivator you will directly be known by Haotian and as you absorb nascent qi you will be interacting with Haotian qi. Thus as you read this book and learn the techniques of cultivation I must insist a firm respect for Haotian. You will notice the respect and awe of Haotian automatically grow within you as you  sense and absorb nascent qi

This book is not a repeat of other Daoist Books or scholarly material. It is a direct introduction to the practical techniques of ancient heavenly Daoism known as Cultivation as well as an introduction to Haotian. Therefore this is not a book on qigong, or on neigong but on Cultivation specifically which was only practiced in the ancient times. Cultivation is the art of directly absorbing Qi without the use of movements, meditation, breathing or mantras. Therefore cultivation is different than meditation, qigong or neigong which are the main techniques of Daoism known today. This book is not just an introduction but a manual to begin cultivation and to access levels of Daoist Immortality. To follow the techniques in this book will not be easy but will take skill, dedication and commitment to mastering the Dao and becoming a Cultivator. The beginning techniques can be said to be easy enough which  will allow  you to enter into cultivation. Once you enter into cultivation and become a cultivator  the difficulty will depend on your hard work as well as your talent. I am aware that there is not a book on cultivation today nor was there ever a book on cultivation. Most Daoist manuals were only books on higher level neigong and qigong with movements and breathing. This book is the first book on Heavenly Taoism and cultivation that has been written on this Earth and comes as a result of my deep training. I write this book for those who are aspiring to  become a cultivator and master Dao. This is the complete method of cultivation. To those that require additional assistance and personal instruction you may write  to me on my website


Chapter 1 – What is Cultivation


Cultivation is the art of directly absorbing Qi without the use of movements, meditation, breathing or mantras. Cultivation is  mastering the Dao and accessing qi in a direct fashion. In the ancient times those who could cultivate were known as cultivators as different from ordinary human beings. As fish could swim, birds could fly, cultivators could cultivate and access Qi and Dao directly. Once you can cultivate you will also be known as a cultivator no matter what your level is. Cultivation was really mainly found in the times of the ancient Dao and in heavenly realms where the majority of the population were cultivators. It was from a time when cultivation was the norm. Nowadays the only source where one can even find the term cultivation are xianxia novels and movies. The techniques of how to cultivate have never been written down until this book.  However in the ancient days cultivation was a reality and a culture. To be a cultivator meant one was respected and as a cultivator one treasured once cultivation. Cultivation was used as means not only to protect oneself but also as a means for immortality and mastering the Dao. One could gain many abilities in cultivation and one could use cultivation to heal oneself.


Chapter 2 – How is cultivation different from qigong and Taoism today.


The Daosim that has been prevalent on the earth has been of one main form, inner elixir  Taoism which aims to create a spiritual body known as the golden fetus which can then unite with heaven. This is the Taoism that has been spread for centuries and most lineages of Daoism including the Dragon Gate and Maoshan lineages have golden fetus Daoism as their main approach to realizing the Dao, even if they have other martial techniques to acquire power of qi or spiritual tehcniques such as talisman and spells. After this what people primarily known as Taoism is actually qi practice or Qigong, which uses breathing, movement and meditation to balance qi in the body. Lower level qigong can be termed medical qigong and simply balances and harmonizes qi in the channels for physical health. Higher level qigong starts to build qi in the dantians and works to achieve a higher level of energy. Higher level than this is Neigong, which uses breathing and movement to work on our spiritual inner bodies such as our mind, spirit, essence as well as our qi to achieve higher energetic, martial and spiritual attainments. The abilities of many masters today comes from Neigong practice.


Cultivation on the other hand requires no breathing or movements and operates on a totally different level. Its more of an inherent ability or muscle. Just like I described earlier, as fishes can swim, birds can fly, cultivators can cultivate – absorb qi directly. Thus cultivation is totally different from Neigong or Qigong or inner elixir Taoism, which use breathing, postures movements and meditation to acquire this qi. Let me give a quick example: Lets say you wanted to build heavenly qi. In the Taoism today you will have to know the special breathing pattern and movement that directly correlates which heavenly qi. These breathing patterns and movemeents are often kept secret and only known to a select few masters. So you would do the breathing pattern and movement to access the heavenly qi. However, in culvitation, breathing and movements are not needed, you would directly DO (a very important term in cultivation) or make the heavenly qi yourself in your hand or around your body from your inherent ability to access energy. This is fundamentally different. Lets say you wanted to lift your hand. Through cultivation you will  be using your own muscles to lift your hand. With neigong and Taoism today you will be using  an instrument to lift your hand for you.


In Taoism today you level of attainment is limited to the system that your practicing. If you have a system that only fuses yin and yang energies, that will be the extent of your attainment. If you had a system that only establishes the golden elixir, that will the extend of your attainment. TO improve you will only be acquiring higher and higher levels of golden elixir. To acquire the higher attainment of yangshen or spiritual immortal you would need a different system that reaches that level. To acquire the higher attainment of celestial immortal or union with heaven you would need a system that does that.  These systems are not easily found and cost lots of time, travel and money to acquire. However through cultivation your practice will know no limit and is based instead on your own talent and aptitude rather than how advanced a system is. If you wanted to unite with the heaven of daoism you would do exactly that, just absorb the celestial qi of that heaven and you will be connected. Cultivation is a direct approach that knows no limitations. However this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take time and effort especially to reach the next level of attainment. Instead of mastering a system you will be directly mastering your own energy.


In cultivation you will be able to access any type of energy rather than simply the enrgy of the system or movements you are practicing. For example instead of raising your uangs above your head and breathing in to access a yang chi you will be able to directly DO the yang chi as well as different types of yang chi for example: nine yang chi, supreme yang chi, ultimate yang chi, great yang chi, seventy two yang chi. All these and more are possible for you to do and absorb. To access any energy is a great step in cultivation. When you access any energy you are no longer limited by the system you practice and can decide exactly what energy you wish to absorb. This already will different you from the ordinary man.


How is cultivation different from meditation? Meditation is using the stillness of mind, or entering the no- thought state in order to absorb the energy of emptiness. In cultivation no stillness of mind is required and we will not be absorbing the energy of emptiness. In meditation deeper and deeper states of stillness are required to advance. One is said to be proficient in meditation when stillness of mind becomes a norm and there is no rising thought. It is said then that one is united with emptiness and has become enlightened. In Cultivation we are not using stillness of mind at all, and we are not limited by the activity or non-activity of thought. Instead we can directly access the Dao and raise to higher and higher levels of attainment of immortality.


Chapter 3 – Why Cultivate?


Cultivation in essence is the ultimate freedom of man – to access the Dao as one wishes and raise one level as one wishes, in any realm, while alive or after death. If one does not know cultivation one must be intent on doing ones spiritual practice while alive, because after death there is no guarantee that mantras, meditation, or breathing will work in other realsm of existence. Cultivation on the other hand works in all realms, whether alive in the body or afgter death in another realms. Thus cultivation gives one the ability to cultivate and raise ones level not only in this lifetime but forever. When on the path of cultivation one starts to then enter into true immortality. Your cultivation now will be different than fifty years from now, and different  from five hundred years from now and different from five thousand years from now. Cultivation allows for the ability to directly raise ones level; from a human, to an immortal, to a deity and so on. This is what makes cultivation different from other paths, is that there is no limit to your level of attainment and no limit to your level of energy; its really just a matter of time for you to get there. You have all of time to achieve it. To raise oneself by oneself is matter of freedom. The master is a guide on your journey pointing out the pitfalls and showing the methods to make it easier on your journey.


The Practice of Cultivation (Excerpts):

Chapter 9 – Entering the Basic Level of Cultivation in Haotian Cultivation – Opening the Qihai and Xueshen.


The Qihai point is known as the Ocean of Qi, the Xueshen is known as the Mountian of Snow. When these points open you become a true Cultivator.


 Chapter 10 – The Realm of perception


After achieving the Basic Level you will start to notice a gigantic change in your perception. You will start to not only sense the qi around you but you will be able to see the qi of heaven and earth. You will see all nascent qi between heaven and earth. And you will see all the qi lead into heavenly qi and heavenly qi lead into Guang Ming. This Guang Ming is the source of the nascent qi and then you will begin to perceive the Brilliance and Light of Haotian.


You will also notice that you can manipulate and move the qi of heaven and earth with your mind. You will be able to cultivate various qi as well as manipulate the qi at will.

To learn Cultivation now fill in the contact form. One will start with Haotian Taoism cultivation and then progress to Dao cultivation. After one reaches a certain level one may begin a cultivation art. All sessions will be held on zoom two way video conferencing. Cultivation is taught in a series of sessions.

Students will start with Haotian Taoism cultivation and then progress to Dao cultivation. After one reaches a certain level one may begin a cultivation art. All sessions will be held on zoom two way video conferencing. Cultivation is taught in a series of sessions.

Level 1 – Entering the Basic Realm, Qi Building, Haotian Cultivation.

Session 1: Haotian cultivation – Entering the basic level and Qi building

Awakening of Qihai and Xueshan acupoints. Students learn to move the qi of heaven and earth as well as build it.

Session 2: Haotian system and Haotian movements.

Students are initiated into Haotian. A special cultivation system is taught as well as special Haotian movements.

Session 3: Haotian and Heavenly cultivation – Awakening and working with the psyche. Learning how to cultivate with Heaven and Earth.

The cultivators psyche is awakening. Students learn how to “cultivate” directly and unite with heaven and earth.

Level 2: Dao Cultivation, Entering Martial Realm, Pulse Condensation and Qi Condensation.

Session 4: Dao Cultivation: absorbing the energy of heaven and earth, choosing a cultivation art and entering martial body realm.

Students learn how to bring the energy of heaven and earth into the dantian. A special cultivation art is chosen.

Session 5: Dao Cultivation: Pulse condensation and absorbing spirit energy through the breathing.

Students learn how to bring in spirit energy through the breathing. Pulse condensation is taught to circulate qi through the body. Pulse condensation has three stages, pulse condensation, houtian and xiantian stage.

Session 6: Pulse condensation at the mind level and Qi condensation

Students learn how to condense qi in the Dantian. Students will also learn how to do pulse condensation at the mind level

Session 7: Awakening of True Qi in the Dantian

Using previous skills, students learn how to awaken true Qi in the Dantian.

Level 3: Haotian Cultivation, Entering Perception Realm

Session 8: Haotian Cultivation: Perception realm – learning to see Haotian, Guang Ming and Haotian qi

Perception realm cultivation is taught. Students learn to perceive the energy of heaven and earth directly.

Session 9: Haotian Cultivation: Perception level refinement and introduction to “doing.”

Students learn how to refine cultivation at the perception level. Talented students will be able to “Do” their first energy.

Level 4: Cultivation at the Celestial level.

Session 10: Dao cultivation and Celestial cultivation – cultivating at the celestial level.

At level 4 special cultivation is taught to enable students to cultivate at the celestial level.

Level 5: Entering Shen Realm and Fusion of the Shen and Qi.

Session 11: Awakening the Shen and cultivation at the Shen level.

The Shen is awakening and cultivation can take place within the Shen.

Session 12: Fusion of the Shen and the Qi of Heaven and Earth

One’s Shen and Qi is fused with a special method granting more power to the cultivator.

Level 5: True Buddha Way Cultivation – Awakening Emptiness

Session 13: True Buddha cultivation – Awakening the Qi of Emptiness, cultivation of Emptiness.

True Buddha cultivation is taught, the Qi of emptiness is awakened.

Level 6: Entering Soul Realm – Soul Cultivation and Awakening of Divine Sense.

Session 14: Soul Cultivation – Cultivation of the Soul and awakening spiritual power

One’s soul and spiritual power are awakened. One can cultivate at the soul level.

Session 15: Soul Cultivation – Fusion of the Soul and Heaven and Earth Qi, Entering Soul Realm and Awakening Divine Sense.

Fusion of the Soul and the Qi of heaven and Earth takes place. One awakens their divine sense.

Session 16: Soul Cultivation – Awakening Soul Qi, Soul Qi Cultivation.

A technique to absorb soul spirit qi is taught.

Level 7: Entering Celestial Ling Li Realm

Session 17: Celestial Ling Li Cultivation – Awakening celestial spirit energy

Students Learn Celestial Ling Li Cultivation. Ones celestial Spirit Energy is awakened

Session 18: Awakening Mind Spirit Energy.

The celestial spirit energy of the mind is awakened.

Level 8: Entering Celestial Realm

Session 19: High Level Celestial Cultivation

A Higher level Celestial Cultivation is taught.

Session 20: Entering Celestial Realm.

A high level cultivation to open the celestial realm is taught.


The registration tuition to learn cultivation is 1000 usd. After session 20 all extra sessions are 200 usd. To learn cultivation please use the contact page.









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