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I am new to Qigong and Taoism. Which course should I begin with?

It is recommended you start with Level 1 of the Taoist Alchemy and Neigong course. This provides foundation needed to advance to higher level practices. Without this foundation of the proper building of the lower dantian it will be hard to attain the higher level arts.

Is everyone accepted into the course?

While everyone can be accepted into the Level one, two and three course, the Master carefully decides who will be accepted in Level 4 and the more advanced High Level Systems program. The practices taught in these higher courses are part of indoor school and are not given easily to everyone. The requirements to make sure you are able to access the higher level teachings of the school is first and foremost respect to the Master and respect to the School. The teachings taught here are not found anywhere else and therefore extremely rare. A second requirement to be able to access the higher level teachings is attaining level one, two and three of the foundational Taoist alchemy and Neigong course. If you request to start a higher level system without first attaining the foundation it may be declined if the Master assesses you do not have the proper foundation. However exceptions can be made if a proper training regime is outlined.

How can I gain access to the Cultivation school?

To gain access to the Cultivation school one must have considerable attainment in the previous courses as well as attained at least a few Celestial levels in the High level System program. It is recommended that the ‘Heavenly  Immortal’ system is attained as well as the ‘San Tian’ system. If one attains in these systems it will make it much easier to progress in the Cultivation school. However the Cultivation school includes the most secretive and indoor practices of Taoism that are Taught here. One must show appropriate dedication to Taoism and the Master to be able to be accepted.

How are the courses taught?

As of now all courses are taught one – to – one on zoom video call. It is not necessary to travel to learn in person. When one learns a high level system is it required that one memorizes the system on the zoom video call and one records oneself afterwards. No video demonstrations will be sent to avoid unauthorized distribution of the material.

How can I become a disciple of the School?

Only when one begins training in one of the higher level systems ( is one considered a disciple of the school. When one joins the cultivation school one is considered an indoor disciple. It is necessary one attains the major goals of level one, two, three and four before one becomes a disciple.






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