Level 2

The Merging of Yin and Yang

The Merging of Yin and Yang and establishing the Elixir

Establishing the Elixir through the Primordial State.

In level 1 we learnt how to gather our Essence (Jing), Energy (Qi) and Spirit (Shen). In level 2 we will use these three treasures to form a special elixir in our Lower Dantian, that will remain will us forever. This is a special attainment and is the beginning of creating the Jin Dan (Golden Pill). To create the elixir we must learn how to accomplish three energetic processes. First we must learn how to reverse the flows of yin qi and yang qi. In our bodies we have both Yin and Yang energies that sustain our life. Our Yang Qi tends to rise whereas our Yin Qi tends to descend. In this stage we will reverse the process and cause the Yin Qi to rise and the Yang qi to descend ultimately uniting them in our Lower Dantian. Our Yang QI that we have been building up comes from the atmosphere and the sky and comes in through a point at the top of the head known as the bai hui. Our Yin Qi comes from the earth and enters the body through the feat or the hui yin point at the perineum. Through a special taoist meditation we will learn how to combine these two in our lower dantian.

Once we have combined our yin and yang qi in our lower dantian we can then start to combine our internal yin and yang energies which are expressed as the water of the kidneys (lower Dantian area) and the fire in our heart (middle dantian). This is known as the mixing of Water and Fire or Kan and Li.

Once Water and Fire is harmonized as combines, then the energies of the five elements which are released to our five Yin Organs are ready to make their way into our Lower Dantian. This fusion of the five elements is required to establish the golden pill.

It is to be emphasized that these processes are very spiritual in nature and can only be accomplished if the practitioner learns how to remain in the state of emptiness. Only through the primordial state of our essential nature can our three treasures unite and form the pill. Many try to force yin and yang to unite and do not progress at all. Attaining the Dao is a process of returning. Yin and Yang can only return to their primordial state when one is established in that primordial state.

Once these three processes are accomplished one will notice a great increase of energy in the body. Various electrical sensations with start to develop as one’s  true energy in the Real Lower Dantian  becomes awakened.  Also one may notice a great increase the brightness of the internal light and ones ability to remain in the emptiness will become greatly enhanced. Meditation becomes very blissful and insights into our true nature start to occur spontaneously.Depending on one’s innate gifts, some people may develop various abilities of the Shen at this level such as inner vision and remote viewing.

After one attains the elixir, one is now ready to begin level three, where we start to touch the energy of the Dao inside of us through what one may call the “inner thunder.”

Skills learnt:

  • How to combine our yin and yang energies
  • How to combine the five elements.
  • How to reverse water and fire.
  • How to distinguish the difference between our internal energies and external energies gathered from the earth and our surroundings.
  • How to use visualization to gather different energies of the universe.
  • How to begin to transform our inner energy to internal power.

Attainments acquired:

  • Attainment of the Elixir Pill.
  • Returning to the Pre-heaven state from the post-heaven state. (In other words transforming all our internal aspects into their primordial state)

Practices taught:

  • Secret high level seated moving yin and yang fusion meditation.
  • Kan and Li merging meditation.
  • Fusion of the five elements meditation.
  • Gathering the Shen meditatioob
  • Merging the Shen and Qi meditation.
  • Lower Dantian compression and inner power meditation

Level 2 may take up to two hours to learn on zoom video conferencing. It is important to acquire all the attainments in level 2 before moving on to level 3.

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