Level 1


Establishing the Foundation and Filling the Dantian with Yin and Yang Chi

Filling the Dantian, Gathering the Three Treasures, and Establishing the Foundation

Level 1 is available as an online course – ausar-s-school.thinkific.com

When beginning the practice of Neigong (inner work) and Nei Dan (inner alchemy) one must first cultivate Essential Nature (Xing) and establish stillness of mind. Only once one is rooted in one’s essential nature and is aware of one’s “Soul” beyond the body and mind can true practice of the Neigong and Neidan start. If one overlooks  the training of being established in ones own true nature, then obstacles will present themselves in higher levels and one will not be able to complete the training. During the beginning stages the practice of Qigong is also included to bring the health back to the body.

After one is able to rest in one’s own nature, what one may call supreme emptiness, one then can one start gathering the three treasures of Essence (Jing), Energy (Qi) and Shen (Spirit). These three treasures are simply aspects of ones Primordial Nature in denser forms.

To establish ourselves in our essential nature we will use the two meditative techniques of stillness and concentration. Through these techniques the innumerable karmic imprints that the mind has acquired will lose their impact on the practitioner and one will be able to free oneself from thoughts. These techniques of stillness and concentration are fundamental and will be used in the process of gathering one’s Energy, Essence and Spirit.

As we become more comfortable with the state of emptiness we will begin to gather our energy and start to fill the lower dantian with qi. To accomplish this we will use various breathing processes from the Taoist and Buddhist tradition that have designed to effectively gather yin and yang chi in the lower dantian. Students will be not only taught the techniques but the skills in order to make the techniques work effectively.

Our Essence (Jing) is hidden away in our organs. To gather our Jing, we will use techniques that will awaken the hidden energies of our Five Yin organs  and start to store them in our Lower Dantian. Various practices including the microcosmic orbit is taught in a precise way that begins the transformation of Essence (Jing) into Energy (Qi). One starts to experience ‘inner heat’ which is empowering and heals the body. This inner heat will transform into a physical vibration in the Lower Dantian within 100 days. Various mudras are also used in conjunction with the breathing to ensure the filling of the Lower Dantian. As the process continues one will experience the awakening of the Macrocosmic orbit.

To train our Neigong, we will also practice various standing meditations in order to wire the energetic and physical body to express our energy that we have been cultivated. These standing meditations not only build Qi, but also train Jing, as well as compress our Qi energy. This is needed to advance on the path of Neigong.

As we continue practicing we will start to notice an awakening of our Spirit (Shen). An internal light may start to be seen as we continue our meditation. This is very important for later processes.

This beginning level gathers our three treasures, our Jing, Qi and Shen, and brings us back to our true nature, the state of emptiness. We must gather our three treasures before we can use them to create the elixir and combine our yin and yang energies. This is where we begin level two.

Skills learnt:

  • How to remain in the state of emptiness through stillness and concentration.
  • How to cultivate our internal awareness and listening skills.
  • How to gather our internal Vitality (Jing), Energy (Qi) and Spirit (Shen)
  • How to gather universal Qi from the Cosmos.
  • How to remove internal blockages in ones physical, energetic or spiritual bodies.
  • How to fill the lower dantian with Qi
  • How to recognize yin and yang qi within the body.
  • How to transform the essence of our organs into qi energy.
  • How to tap into spiritual divine energy.

Attainments acquired:

  • Heat and vibration established in the Lower Dantian
  • Creation of the Lower Dantian.
  • Transformation of our Essence  (Jing) into Energy (Chi).
  • Acquiring the ability to meditate for long periods of time.
  • Awareness of Emptiness (In what some other tradition may call consciousness)
  • Harmonizing our Jing Qi and Shen and filling the Middle and Upper Dantian.
  • Wiring of the energetic body to express our internal energy for healing and martial use.
  • Awakening of the microcosmic and macrocosmic orbits.

Practices taught:

  • High level Qigong form to heal the body and remove all physical, energetic and mental blockages.
  • Three seated meditations to cultivate essential nature (Xing) through concentration and stillness.
  • Internal seeing, hearing, and feeling skills.
  • Three fundamental breathing practices that will be used throughout the Neidan and Neigong process.
  • Lower Dantian seated meditation.
  • Internal power meditation.
  • High level Yin Yang Thunder force neigong system.

Level 1 also includes a live one on one zoom session.

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