Level 3

Attaining the Inner Thunder

Returning to the Dao through the Awakening of the ``Inner Thunder``

Beginning the Process to Return to the Dao

This levels represents the fusion of your enlightenment and your immortality.

Now that we have established ourselves in the primordial state and established the elixir pill, we can now begin the process of purification to get in touch with the Dao deep within us. During the process of purification, various alchemical processes between yin and yang chi and our Essence (Jing), Energy (Chi) and Shen (Spirit) start to take place which leads to the awakening of the “internal thunder.” In simple terms the inner thunder starts to form once the energies of the Shen in the upper dantian (heaven) combine with the energies of our Jing and chi in our lower dantian (Earth). This merging of Heaven and Earth in the body in conjunction with the primordial state of emptiness begin to awaken the “internal thunder.” When we attain the “Internal Thunder”, our system will begin to generate qi while remaining in the state of emptiness. You  not only  to absorb, store and transform energy, but you also to start to generate energy. Thus one directly experiences the taoist truth of “emptiness that is not empty.”

To awaken the Inner Thunder we will use a specific meditation that is designed for this process. Only after the awakening of the inner thunder can we advance higher along the process of Neigong and Neidan. Through the inner thunder one will also start to experience what one can call inner power.

Awakening the Inner Thunder is one’s gateway to tthe Dao, as well the awakening of one’s true spiritual potential. Higher levels in Taoist and Buddhist arts can easily be reached after the attainment of the Inner Thunder.

The inner thunder is spiritual and is attained in many in the lower, middle and upper dantian in time. The inner thunder also generates ones energy and represents the fusion of your immortality and enlightenment as well as your Xing (essential nature) and Ming (Destiny)

When one awakens the inner thunder one also begins the process of rainbow body which deals with the primordial light of the heart and ones Buddha Nature. One reaches the state of enlightenment and achieves the dharmakaya (body of essence), the unmanifested mode, and the supreme state of absolute knowledge; the sambhogakaya (body of enjoyment), the heavenly mode; and the nirmanakaya (divine body) representing the Three Jewels and Mani and Padma of Buddha.


Skills learnt:

  • How to purify one’s energy into the Inner Thunder.
  • How to heal with inner energy.
  • How to condense one’s inner energy.
  • How to access more of the divine through emptiness and purity.
  • How to use mantras to increase the effectiveness of ones meditation and restore one’s spiritual energy.
  • Knowledge of the process of inner alchemy and Neigong.
  • How to use moving meditation to contact the Dao within, and awaken the Inner Thunder.

Attainments acquired:

  • Awakening of the Inner thunder in the lower Dantian.
  • Wiring of the inner power through the body in specific channels.

Practices taught:

  • Nei Lei Gong  and Nei Lei fa for the awakening and development of the inner thunder.
  • Lei Fa Gong Neigong, 3 stages. First stage is focused on lower Dantian and 2nd stage on middle Dantian and 3rd stage on upper Dantian.
  • Heavenly Force Neigong, martial as well as healing energy.
  • Tai Chi Lian Neigong for Dantian and Tai chi Power.
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