Being electrocuted by Master Luo Kangqi

December 29, 2021 TaoistAlchemy

Being electrocuted by Master Luo Kangqi

After my stay in Chachoengsao, I journeyed to Bangkok to meet Master Luo Kangqi. Over the last decade many testimonies have been recorded that have detailed an experience of “electric” qi that can be transmitted by this master. It was said that this experience often left those on the receiving in flabbergasted and shocked at the power. I wanted to know for myself if the stories were true.

I walked in to Master Luo’s house and I was greeted by the sound of the Great Compassion Mantra playing in Chinese. Master Luo came out in traditional Chinese  Kung Fu attire and with a smile he offered me a cup of jasmine tea. After some small talk about my background he said he would begin the healing session on me and I should bow to the Guan Yin Statue before starting.

He touched my two hands and told me to relax. Honestly at this point I didn’t feel anything and was about to disbelief everything I heard. And then he touched my forehead point and suddenly a force with a magnitude that was completely unexpected entered my body. At that moment I realized what true power is. This was nothing like any energy I have ever experience. The sheer magnitude left me wincing as the electricity passed through me. He began to touch various points and the electric qi coursed through certain energy channels, my limbs began to jerk uncontrollably. And then he sent the force through the top of my head, that was especially painful. The whole time I was in utter shock at the level of power. More over I realized he was able to increase the strength of his power at his will. I realized I was in a presence of a true master. After the healing he gave me some more tea and told me to relax. To be honest, this experience was more than assuring that I have been on the right path and true power exists in this world.

I will post my next experience with Master Luo when I see him next.

A brief biography of Master Luo Kangqi is posted below:

Shifu Luo Kangqi (Master)

Master Luo Kangqi was born on August 12, 1956, in China, in the city of Zhanjiang in Guangdong, in a common fishing family. From an early age, he showed a desire to learn and deepen wushu, qi gong, and traditional Chinese medicine. Over the course of decades of constant cultivation of life energy, Master Luo has reached a high level in his mastery of Qi.

Shifu Luo is serious and strict in energy practice but is friendly and kind in daily life. After you are accepted as a student, his home becomes yours and he is very welcoming. He has several students from different parts of the world. They are all rigorously selected and can only access his teachings after they promise to work for the good of humanity.

His Nei Qi Gong teaching program is based on three main methods, which refer to traditional Taoist schools:

the Lei Shan Dao (the school of thunder and lightning),

the Miao Tong Da Fa (the Way of Enlightenment)

and the Tong Ling Dao (the recall of Ling Qi)

During the practice, the Master helps with his own energy to open energetic points and channels, in order to accelerate the development of the practitioner’s energy. The feeling is similar to getting an electric shock or a feeling of a wonderful union with the whole.

Even if the Master does not like to show off his abilities, because he considers them useful only for helping others, some students have been able to witness, in addition to the emission of energy in the form of electricity, to phenomena of pyrokinesis, levitation, and telepathy.


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