The advanced neigong course builds on the foundation of level 1, level 2 and level 3 and is designed for the cultivation of power and immortality. More specifically the advanced neigong course deals in the generation of the electrical current and spiritual attainments related to the generation of this specific power. This power is only demonstrated by very few masters today. The techniques of the advanced neigong course are rare and are not easily accessible. It is assumed that the participants of the advanced neigong course have already filled their lower dantian to a considerable extent and have already attained the elixir as well as joined yin and yang. If a student wants to join the advanced neigong course who hasn’t accomplished these it is advisable he/she trains the adavanced neigong in conjunction with level 1 or level 2.

The major difference of the advanced neigong course is it deals in the awaken of Zhen qi in the lower dantian and is considered with the generation of tangible power.

Practices learnt:

– Shaolin Neigong to awaken, cultivate and generate zhen qi.

Ancient art said to be Buddhist in origins that is used for awakening of electric qi and leads to Buddhist enlightenment.

– Zhen qi generating skill.

How to awaken zhen qi in the lower dantian.

– Zhen Qi lower dantian neigong

Three essential exercises needed to awaken the true power in the lower dantian.

– Lei Fa Gong System

Five meditations, basic, intermediate and advanced, as well as two moving meditations that develop the electrical power as well as Taoist immortality. This is a complete and rare system.

– 8 level Neigong System

Seated neigong for the generation of electrical current and martial Taoist attainments.

– Yin Yang Gong System

Standing moving system through which one attains the special Yin Yang Gong attainment.

– Supreme Yin System

Cultivates deeper levels of yin energy through which one accesses yin realms of existence. Two seated meditations.

– Monk Penetrates Iron system

Extremely martial system to generate zhen qi and Yang qi. For generation of current and martial power.

Course fee:

2000 USD



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