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Taoistalchemy.org represents a comprehensive collection of systems that are released in their entirety to preserve and pass on the authentic teachings of Daoism. Daoist Training is a tool to help us realize our original nature and return to the Dao. It is a system of meditation that works with our essence (Jing), energy (qi) and spirit (Shen) to not only increase our health and mental well being, but also to uncover the deepest aspects of ourselves and universe.

The path of Daoist Alchemy is that of returning to the Dao, one’s original nature. For centuries high in the mountains of China, daoist spiritual masters explored what it meant to realize one’s Self and to grasp one’s connection with the universe and Dao. This knowledge was passed down through lineages which safeguarded and preserved the original teachings. The Taoist alchemy program contains the secrets of cultivation that was always hidden from the public. Through his expertise, Master Ausar has  preserved a complete system of energetic transformation, the foundation of which is Nei Dan (internal Alchemy) and Nei Gong (Inner work).

Explore the essence of Daoism through multiple systems of Internal Arts.

The systems of Daoism are taught in a traditional format with authentic transmission. Students are taught not only the techniques, but the actual skills and methodologies that produce tangible and experiential results.

Step by step training in the authentic Daoist arts unlocks the dormant potential latent with you.


Foundational Daoist Alchemy Program

Students must complete this program before graduating to the high level systems. The aim of Daoist Inner Alchemy and Neigong is not only good health and to balance inner energy but to realize the Dao and attain Enlightenment. Among the many traditions of Taoist Alchemy, the foundational common goal was to establish the “elixir pill” within the Lower Dantian which remains with the practitioner forever. The “elixir pill” is created when our Essence (Jing),  Energy (Qi) and Spirit (Shen) and our Yin and Yang Qi returns to their primordial state. From this point the true energy in the dantian (“zhen qi”) begins to awaken and one can access higher degrees of emptiness and enlightenment. In Taoist terminology this is the transition from the Post-heaven state to the Pre-heaven state. To realize the Dao, we must first realize the primordial state within ourselves. Through the process of Neidan and Neigong our internal energies awaken to a very high capacity, much more than is required for healing illness. Some masters have developed this internal energy to amazing lengths that it often feels like an electrical current of pure energy. This type of attainment was a closely guarded secret within Taoist traditions. Only a few select students were given access to these higher level teachings.  This was of course after many years of hard work and dedication to the master. Students were often made to practice preparatory exercises (that were often unnecessary) for years until, after their perseverance, they were deemed ready for the real teachings of Daoist Alchemy and Neigong. After establishing the “elixir pill” the various traditions develop in different ways. Certain traditions seek to realize the Dao through the the martial path whereas other traditions take the alchemical route and seek the Dao through the path of the immortal fetus (golden elixir) “jin dan”. However, this is really just the tip of the iceberg.  In reality, there are hundreds of paths and systems in Daoism that are used to realize the Dao.  Master Ausar has systemized these methods to enable a complete beginner to reach the goal as fast as possible in a structured path.

Level 1: Establishing the Foundation and Filling the Dantian with Yin and Yang Qi
Level 2: The Merging of Yin and Yang and Establishing the Elixir Pill.
Level 3: Returning to the Dao with the Awakening of the Inner Thunder

Level 1 is now available as an online course – ausar-s-school.thinkific.com Level 2 and 3 will be taught one on one via zoom video call. Please practice level 1 for at least one month before scheduling your level 2 session.


Master Ausar



Master Ausar has years of experience and travel and intensive training with various high-level masters from Daoist and Buddhist traditions. After many years of training, Master Ausar is able to share his knowledge in Daoist Cultivation. Through his deep search Master Ausar was able to uncover many ancients Daoist teachings and paths. Not only is he the holder of many secret Neigong, Buddhist and Daoist systems, he is a Daoist Master who is able to teach the way of ancient Cultivation. One of Master Ausar’s major aims is to bring back Cultivation  to humanity.


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